Case Study: unlocking the power of OCP hardware – Building a sustainable IT infrastructure

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, businesses are increasingly seeking ways to optimize their IT infrastructure. Transitioning from rented bare metal servers to building your own infrastructure using Open Compute Project (OCP) hardware offers a host of advantages, including enhanced performance, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. In this blog, we will explore the challenges companies face when migrating their IT infrastructure and highlight Circle B as a reliable partner for a seamless transition. Additionally, we will delve into the financial and sustainability benefits of this transformation.

Problem: Limitations of Renting Bare Metal Servers, once a popular option, poses several limitations on companies’ IT infrastructure. These limitations hinder scalability, customization, and control over the hardware and software stack. Common challenges include:

  1. Limited Hardware Customization: Rented servers restrict the ability to customize hardware, potentially leading to suboptimal performance.
  2. Vendor Lock-In: Companies can become tied to specific hosting providers, limiting flexibility and negotiation power.
  3. Lack of Scalability: Scaling up or down with rented servers can be cumbersome, hindering agility and growth.
  4. Inefficient Resource Allocation: Renting servers may result in overpaying for underutilized resources or experiencing performance issues during peak demand.

Solution: Building a Sustainable IT Infrastructure with Circle B and OCP Hardware To overcome these challenges, businesses are turning to OCP hardware and partnering with Circle B, a trusted provider of OCP solutions. Circle B offers expertise, support, and services to facilitate a seamless transition. Here’s how Circle B can help:

  1. Customized Hardware Solutions: Circle B provides tailored OCP hardware solutions, allowing businesses to build an infrastructure precisely aligned with their needs for optimal performance and efficiency.
  2. Flexibility and Vendor Neutrality: Building your own IT infrastructure with Circle B grants the freedom to choose preferred hardware components and eliminates vendor lock-in, providing flexibility and opportunities for cost optimization.
  3. Scalability and Elasticity: OCP hardware is designed for scalability, enabling businesses to easily expand or shrink their infrastructure based on demand, ensuring optimal resource allocation and cost efficiency.
  4. Expert Support and Consultation: Circle B offers comprehensive support and consultation services, assisting with planning, hardware selection, deployment, and ongoing maintenance.

Financial Benefits: Cost Optimization and Long-Term Savings In addition to the technical advantages, transitioning to your own IT infrastructure with Circle B can bring significant financial benefits:

  1. Reduced Operational Costs: By eliminating server rental fees, businesses save on recurring monthly expenses, resulting in lower operational costs in the long run.
  2. Improved Resource Allocation: Building your own infrastructure ensures precise resource allocation, allowing you to pay for and utilize only the resources you need, avoiding unnecessary expenses.
  3. Better Cost Control: With ownership of your IT infrastructure, you gain flexibility to negotiate better pricing for hardware components, optimize maintenance costs, and effectively control your IT budget.
  4. Increased ROI: While the initial investment in building your infrastructure is necessary, it delivers long-term returns as you gain control over your IT environment, enhance performance, and achieve operational efficiency.

Sustainability Benefits: Reducing Environmental Impact Beyond technical and financial advantages, transitioning to OCP hardware and building your own IT infrastructure brings significant sustainability benefits:

  1. Energy Efficiency: OCP hardware is designed with a focus on energy efficiency, reducing power consumption and minimizing environmental impact.
  2. Resource Optimization: By building your infrastructure, you can optimize resource allocation, reducing waste and promoting sustainable practices.
  3. E-Waste Reduction: Renting servers often leads to a constant cycle of hardware turnover and e-waste. Building your infrastructure with durable OCP hardware minimizes e-waste generation and contributes to a greener world.
  4. Carbon Footprint Reduction: Building your own IT infrastructure with OCP hardware allows for the implementation of energy-efficient solutions, leading to a reduced carbon footprint. By optimizing power consumption and adopting sustainable practices, businesses can actively contribute to mitigating climate change.


Transitioning from rented bare metal servers to building your own IT infrastructure using OCP hardware is a transformative step that offers numerous technical, financial, and sustainability benefits. By partnering with Circle B, a trusted provider of OCP solutions, businesses can overcome the limitations of rented servers and gain control over their IT environment. This transition provides the opportunity for customization, scalability, and cost optimization, leading to enhanced performance and reduced operational expenses.

Furthermore, building a sustainable IT infrastructure with Circle B and OCP hardware allows businesses to minimize their environmental impact. Through energy efficiency, resource optimization, and reduced e-waste generation, companies can actively contribute to a greener future and support sustainable practices.

Embracing the power of OCP hardware not only empowers businesses with greater control and flexibility but also aligns them with the growing importance of sustainability in today’s world. Make the shift to building your own IT infrastructure and unlock the potential for improved performance, cost savings, and a greener future with Circle B and OCP hardware.

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