Revolutionary Telco Reference Architecture

With our Revolutionary Telco Reference Architecture we provide all the building blocks to create the Telco of the Future.Revolutionary Telco Solution

Ths reference architecture is based on SK Telecom’s Composable, Open, Scalable and Mobile-Oriented Systems (COSMOS) Architecture aimed on offering not only platform services such as media, lifestyle and IoT, but also Telco services including LTE and 5G, etc. COSMOS enables to build a data center with high energy efficiency and high degree of density supported by technologies such as open source hardware from the Open Compute Project (OCP) including all-flash storage. By applying various open source software such as OpenStack, Docker and Ceph, it is possible to achieve automated and operation/management of the datacenter.
This architecture allows for adoption of CORD (Central Office Re-architected as a Datacenter) Fabric and ONOS (Open Network Operating System) to combine NFV, SDN, and the elasticity of commodity clouds to bring datacenter economics and cloud agility to the Telco Central Office.

5G will enable a fully mobile and connected society.

More information on the application of 5G technology may be found on the Ericcson 5G website. Also worthwhile to check out is the Nokia Virtualized Service Router for virtual functions such as Network Address Translation, Route Reflector and Broadband Network Gateway.

Circle B can not only bring all the hardware components together for an open source hardware based solution, we can also integrate all the software on top.

 [ John Laban – Open Compute Project Foundation ] 

“The future of Telco infrastructures is open source #OCP

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