Datacenter Engineer

Mikhail Ivanov

Meet Mikhail Ivanov, our Senior Backend Developer from Leiden, Netherlands, and a graduate of the Higher School of Economics.

With a strong IT background, Mikhail specializes in VmWare, server management, network infrastructure, IP video, IP voice, and PBX. His track record includes successful modernization strategies and optimizing IT architectures across various industries.

As Head of IT, Mikhail led a transformative project, launching a Retail Network Website, reducing store launch times and achieving substantial cost savings.

Known for his purposeful, proactive, and persistent approach, Mikhail is adaptable to change and passionate about emerging technology trends. His dedication to continuous learning and practical achievements, such as developing a database for a local police office during university, sets him apart.

In Mikhail’s words: “In the evolving landscape of IT, innovation is not just a goal; it’s the journey we embark on to create meaningful solutions.”

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