Director Marketing & Sales

Jason Maselino

Jason Maselino is a multifaceted professional serving as the Director at Circle B and leading Business Development at Taurus Group B.V. He holds a pivotal role as one of the founding members of the mother company, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication.

With a focus on sales, purchases, and vendor relationship management, Jason has been instrumental in driving the success of Circle B and Taurus Group B.V. Over his impressive 18-year tenure at Taurus Europe BV, he has consistently demonstrated his commitment and expertise, contributing significantly to the company’s growth and development.

In addition to his current roles, Jason has been the Marketing Director at Circle B since July 2019, where he has played a crucial role in shaping and executing marketing strategies. Simultaneously, he has been serving as the Marketing Director at ClusterVision, further highlighting his versatility and leadership in diverse professional settings.

Jason’s journey with Taurus Group began in 2016 when he assumed the role of Chief Marketing Officer, and since then, he has continued to evolve within the organization. As a founding partner of ClusTaur, he has been an integral part of the company’s journey since August 2018.

With over a decade of experience in Sales and Purchase at Taurus Group B.V., Jason’s expertise in marketing and business development has been honed over the years. His current position as Director of Marketing and Business Development, a role he has held since June 2016, showcases his long-standing commitment and continuous contribution to the company’s success.

Jason’s on-site presence and leadership have undoubtedly played a key role in the growth and success of Taurus Group B.V. His rich professional background, spanning various roles and responsibilities, underscores his dynamic skill set and unwavering dedication to the companies he serves.

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