International Marketing & Sales Manager

Iris de Jager

Meet Iris de Jager, our go-to person for global marketing communication & strategic partnerships.

With over 20 years of experience founding and running her own international Advertising Agency, Iris brings a unique entrepreneurial perspective to her strategic approach. Iris excels in driving sales through differentiation, utilising cross-channel brand activation strategies and leading innovative projects.

In her role overseeing all aspects of marketing, PR, events, internal communication, strategic partnerships and lead generation for Circle B—a critical component of the Taurus Group—Iris continues to bring a fresh and dynamic approach to the industry. Her expertise is not limited to traditional methods; she thrives on pioneering new, inventive projects that set our company apart.

In addition to her agency experience and corporate leadership, Iris has spent over a decade leading IT departments, showcasing a versatile skill set that combines technical acumen with strategic marketing prowess.

Discover more about Iris de Jager’s dynamic journey and her significant contributions to our company as we thrive and innovate within the dynamic landscape of Circle B and the broader Taurus Group.

“As a people-centric conductor, I harmonise success through cross-channel brand activation, emphasising genuine connections and driving sales with a distinctive touch. Together, we craft a legacy that transcends mere transactions.” – Iris de Jager

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