Datacenter Engineer

Domagoj Sostarec

Meet Domagoj. Embark on the journey of our tech virtuoso! With a Certificate in Computer Repair Technician and a Diploma in Computer Technician, our System & Network Administrator boasts over 10+ years of triumphs in computer/server/mobile maintenance, logistics, and Data Center Engineering.

In the early chapters, our protagonist mastered the art of troubleshooting computers and servers, navigating hardware challenges with tools like Multimeter, KVM, and SSH. They then dove into the heart of Data Centers, spending 5+ years immersed in modern, large-scale environments.

As the narrative evolved, our hero became the Wireless Wizard, specializing in wireless access points networks, and a Structured Cabling Sage, orchestrating organized network infrastructures. Their solutions, clean and effective, read like the climax of a well-crafted story, solving complex challenges with finesse.

Now, our System & Network Administrator is ready for the next chapter, eager to craft new adventures in IT, Tech, Networking, and Computer/Data Centre/Mobile Phone technology in the Netherlands.

“In the world of technology, every solution is a step towards progress. Let’s take those steps together and craft the next chapter of innovation.”

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