Network / System Engineer

Aliaksei Malaletni

Meet Aliaksei, our tech maestro with an analytical mindset and a penchant for tackling challenging tasks. As an engineer, Aliaksei brings a wealth of expertise to the table, particularly in computer network fundamentals and hardware configuration.

With a knack for troubleshooting, Aliaksei is your go-to expert for resolving issues in network systems. His technical prowess extends to understanding and maintaining firewalls, ensuring the security and integrity of our network infrastructure.

Aliaksei’s knowledge spans across multiple domains, from Windows Server and Linux to DNS and Active Directory. His proficiency doesn’t stop there – he is an expert in installing and maintaining LAN, WAN, and Internet protocols and services, weaving a seamless digital tapestry for our team.

A true virtuoso, Aliaksei possesses strong knowledge in VoIP and SIP telecommunication principles, complemented by an understanding of copper and fiber physical cabling plans. In his own words, “In the world of technology, challenges are opportunities to innovate. Let’s embrace them together and forge new paths of success.” Aliaksei is ready to bring his technical acumen to elevate our B2B endeavors

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