Sustainability with OCP Hardware Solutions

Sustainability with OCP Hardware

Pioneering sustainability in IT infrastructures and data centers!

In the ever-evolving landscape of data centers, Circle B stands at the forefront of innovation, leading the charge towards a greener and more sustainable future. As the industry steers towards net carbon zero goals in the coming decade, we are proud to be an integral part of the OCP Sustainability Project, actively shaping the future of data center sustainability within the Open Compute Project ecosystem.

Our Vision: A Sustainable Tomorrow

At Circle B, our vision extends beyond mere technological advancements; we aim to revolutionize the very core of data center operations. Our collaboration with the OCP Sustainability Project has ushered in a new era, introducing Sustainability as the fifth tenet into OCP. This fundamental change reflects our commitment to addressing the unique challenges and opportunities presented within the Open Compute Project ecosystem.


Atlantis Technologies, an OCP SP based in Nairobi, Kenya, is offering Circular Economy solutions as an integrated cloud platform, which has reduced implementation costs by as much as 80% compared to traditional infrastructure.

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Sustainability in Action: Liquid Cooling and Density

One of the pivotal aspects of our sustainability initiative is the exploration of liquid cooling and density solutions. The rising demands for higher-speed components and increased server power consumption have led to the need for innovative cooling solutions. Circle B, in collaboration with industry leaders, is exploring various liquid cooling technologies, including direct-to-chip and immersion cooling.

OCP Sustainability - Data Center Efficiency Metrics (2023)

White papers and handy links

This table captures ICT-embodied carbon initiatives happening external to OCP.






Environmental data; thus enabling ecological aspects, is included in trade-offs early in the design phase of ICs.



MIT led a partnership on a commercial tool for system (server, laptops) level product carbon footprint estimation and reporting.


SEMI Sustainability          

Industry consortium to align to GHG accounting, representation across equipment, material, fabrication, Assembly, OEM




Best practices, and knowledge base to help developers reduce the carbon intensity of software


IEC 63336

Considering the digitalization of Product Carbon Footprint 


Open Footprint

IT industry non-profit (cross-segment) standards WG, developing a common data model, standards & reference architecture for CO2e, water, land footprint


ISO LCA Standards 
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