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Embrace agility with software-defined networks

At Circle B, we understand that the future of networking lies in its openness. That’s why our Software Defined Network (SDN) solutions don’t just promise centralised control, agility, and lower costs; they guarantee a truly open environment for innovation to thrive.

True openness, limitless possibilities

Unlike traditional proprietary providers, our SDN solutions, powered by cutting-edge technologies like Cumulus, are truly open. You're not limited to specific tools or protocols; instead, you have the freedom to deploy, manage, and maintain your entire infrastructure using respected tools like Chef, Puppet, or Ansible.

Massive cost savings

Opting for merchant silicon platforms, such as bare metal switches, can lead to significant capital expenditure savings, up to 50%. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional vendors' "black box" devices and embrace cost-effective, open networking without compromising on quality or performance.

Risk-free prototyping

With our virtualised Cumulus solutions, simulating your network becomes effortless. Test new topologies and protocols in a risk-free environment before implementing changes on your production network. This approach minimizes risks, reduces failures, and slashes associated downtimes.

Expert consultation and support

Transitioning from a traditional proprietary vendor can be daunting. At Circle B, we have the expertise and experience needed to guide you through this transition seamlessly. Our close relationships at both software and hardware levels enable us to offer tailored advice, ensuring your network solution perfectly aligns with your specific use case.

Empower Your Network with Circle B:
Where Innovation Meets Openness

Don’t let the fear of change hold you back. Embrace the future of networking with Circle B’s SDN solutions. Experience openness without constraints, innovation without limits, and networking without boundaries. Let’s build a future-ready network together. Talk to us today.

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