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The IT foundation has become a vital component of every company or enterprise and growth opportunities many and varied.

At the forefront of change – No worry. We build to order

Change is coming faster today than ever before and companies must adapt to keep up with the demands of their customers or moving market.

All business executives and IT people worry about change or upgrading their IT foundation, but executives of all enterprises, positioned as you are at the forefront of change, must be especially cognizant of the forces driving changes in your world it is not for nothing you are looking for a problem for your IT wish or problem. Right?

Circle B can deliver your hardware solution or host your infrastructure in our partner datacenter—whichever fits your needs. We can also provide networking and connectivity, and support.

Our managed IT services let you concentrate on what matters

Workload testing, remote or in-person at our European OCP Experience Center.

Architecture design for tailored compute, storage, GPU, rack design, power, and networking.

Build and Deploy.

OCP Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)

Designed for startups, ISPs, and hosting providers, Circle B Eclipse is ideal for enterprises looking for easy scalability and connectivity for distributing workloads.

OCP Bare Metal-as-a-Service (BMaaS)

Unique to Circle B, OCP BMaaS brings rack-scale OCP hardware to the enterprise market on a fixed-term lease or operational lease basis. Get the security, control, and performance of dedicated hardware on-demand.

Channel and Partner Programs

Up to now, there were no established European channels for OCP hardware. Benefiting from Taurus Group’s outstanding distribution network and expertise, Circle B provides easy access to hardware and components for enterprises wishing to adopt OCP. For enterprises that need a regular stream of hardware, we offer bespoke loyalty schemes to help you control costs while building your OCP infrastructure.
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