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Circle B: Your IT Innovation Partner

At Circle B, we understand that the core of every enterprise’s success lies in its IT foundation. As the demands of technology constantly evolve, companies face the challenge of keeping up.

That’s where we come in. Positioned at the forefront of change, Circle B is your reliable partner, ensuring your enterprise not only adapts but excels in this ever-changing landscape.

"Empowering your enterprise"

Channel and partner programs

In partnership with Taurus Group, we offer easy access to OCP hardware and bespoke loyalty schemes for cost-effective infrastructure building.

Edge Solutions

We can help you create a customized mobile app that aligns with your brand and goals, with expertise in various mobile platforms.

Flexible financial options: Tailored to your needs

Explore our financial plans, including Lease to Own, designed to provide cutting-edge IT infrastructure without compromising your financial stability.

Why Circle B?

Maximum Performance & Availability: Witness real-time demonstrations at our OCP Experience Center, either in-person or remotely, showcasing the power of our data center hardware.

Cost Efficiency: Our OCP racks ensure superior energy efficiency, simplified maintenance, and reduced costs compared to traditional infrastructure.

Security & Compliance: Servers free from black box firmware provide complete control over security, ensuring effortless compliance across jurisdictions.

Rapid Scalability: Adapt swiftly to growth with our modular OCP solutions, effortlessly adding or replacing servers and components.

Sustainability Focus: Reduce your carbon footprint with our energy-efficient solutions, helping you achieve your sustainability goals.

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