IT infrastructures for Super Yachts with Circle B’s Open Compute Project Solutions

Ahoy there, business owners! Are you looking for a way to keep your team connected and productive while sailing the high seas on your super yacht or large #boat? Look no further than Circle B, the Amsterdam-based company that specializes in delivering customized infrastructure solutions based on #OCP (Open Compute Project) to businesses.

With their expertise in network technology and a focus on fiber optic communication, Circle B can help you design and implement a sustainable network infrastructure that perfectly suits your needs. No more spotty internet connections or slow download speeds – Circle B’s IT infrastructure solutions based on OCP offer higher speeds and reliability, as well as lower latency and fewer interruptions.

And let’s be real, who doesn’t want to work from a super yacht with a reliable network? With Circle B, you can stay connected and productive no matter where you are – whether you’re out at sea or docked at port.

But it’s not just about setting up the network – Circle B also offers ongoing remote support services to ensure that your IT infrastructure operates at peak performance. They’re the ideal partner for businesses looking to implement an Open Compute Project-based network infrastructure on their super yacht or large boat.

So, set sail with confidence and invest in a reliable and efficient and sustainable IT infrastructure with Circle B. Circle B is YOUR TRUSTED PARTNER. Contact us today to get started!

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