Blog: IT Ecosystems: Server & Storage Track

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OCP community’s innovative approach to server design and hardware-software co-design is revolutionizing high-performance computing. Circle B provides sustainable IT infrastructure solutions that leverage the latest advancements in modular servers, data movement, and IT equipment for optimal performance.

Circle B, a leading provider of sustainable and innovative IT infrastructure solutions, is pleased to offer its expertise to help companies meet the ever-increasing demand for high-performance computing. As workloads become more demanding and diverse, the need for scalable and efficient computational infrastructure is more important than ever before. With Circle B’s IT Ecosystems: Server & Storage Track, companies can benefit from cutting-edge advancements in modular server design and hardware-software co-design, enabling better matching of computational infrastructure with application demands. Additionally, Circle B’s solutions offer modularity in design for the reuse of components and diversity in supply chain, ensuring that companies are ready for the future. Contact Circle B today to learn more about how they can help with consult, design, build, and support for network, compute, and storage needs.


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