GIGABYTE Unveils Advanced Cooling Solutions for Open Rack V3 Specifications at OCP Regional Summit in EMEA

Showcasing Commitment to Innovation and Partnership with Submer and Circle-B


April 24, 2024 – GIGABYTE Technology (TWSE: 2376) and Giga Computing, a subsidiary of GIGABYTE, a leading provider of enterprise solutions, are proud to announce their participation in the OCP Regional Summit in Lisbon, where they will be presenting their advanced cooling solutions for Open Rack V3 specifications.

The OCP Regional Summit in Europe serves as a platform to explore how innovations from hyperscale data center operators can address industry challenges. This year’s event highlights deployments of OCP-recognized data center equipment in the EMEA region.

At GIGABYTE booth #A5, GIGABYTE will demonstrate its commitment to innovation and sustainability by showcasing a range of cutting-edge cooling solutions. Teaming up with Submer, GIGABYTE will showcase a single-phase immersion cooling solution designed to significantly reduce data center energy consumption and improve PUE, thereby lowering operating costs and environmental impact. This cooling solution, based on OCP specifications, is a Submer immersion tank that has support for GIGABYTE’s immersion ready servers, such as a 1U 4 GPU server, TO15-Z40, and OCP computing nodes.

Additionally, GIGABYTE will showcase its air-cooled OCP tray TO25-BT0, accommodating compute nodes for both AMD EPYC™ (TO25-Z11) and Intel® Xeon® (TO25-S12) platforms. An exciting addition to GIGABYTE’s OCP portfolio is the new direct liquid cooling (DLC) TO25-N20 tray, for AMD EPYC™ compute nodes (TO25-ZM1) and Intel® Xeon® based compute nodes. With this introduction, GIGABYTE rounds off its lineup of cooling solutions for OCP Rack V3 specifications, encompassing air, DLC, and immersion cooling.

Collaborating closely with valued OCP partner Circle B, GIGABYTE is dedicated to market its OCP solutions within the open rack community. Circle B specializes in the design, configuration, delivery, and support of open (OCP) and high-performance data center infrastructures. Their deep expertise in IT infrastructures, sustainability, and disruptive technology enables them to provide tailored advice to optimize performance and consolidate hardware for clients. Circle B will be showcasing GIGABYTE’s TO23-BT0 tray, housing an Intel Xeon TO23-H60 node, at its booth #A22.

“We are eager to join OCP Summit Lisbon and will seize the opportunity to share and promote our growing list of OCP based solutions with a community that values innovations and collaborations with industry partners like Submer and Circle B,” said Thomas Yen, EMEA Sales Director at Giga Computing. “Our goal is to offer cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of the data center industry while driving efficiency and sustainability.”

“Circle B is excited to collaborate with GIGABYTE at the OCP Summit Lisbon, where we’re showcasing our joint commitment to innovation and sustainability in the data center industry,” said Jason Maselino, General Manager at Circle B. “Our partnership aims to deliver tailored solutions that optimize performance and drive efficiency, empowering clients to build the data center of the future.”

Visit GIGABYTE at booth #A25 and Circle B at booth #A22 to learn more about how these solutions can help build the data center of the future.

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