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The Open Compute Project (OCP) Community includes hyperscale data center operators and industry players, joined by telecom, colocation providers and enterprise IT users, working with vendors to develop and commercialize open innovations that, when embedded in product are deployed from the cloud to the edge.

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High performance computing has used liquid cooling for many years.  These solutions have proven to be cost effective and efficient at heat extraction.  With the growth of 5G, IoT, VR, CDN, and latency sensitive applications, data centers are being constructed in regions of the globe where cooling becomes quite a challenge.  Increased power density also introduces cooling challenges.  In these cases liquid cooling, and specifically warm water cooling, becomes an effective alternative for heat extraction. 


Data center industry is moving towards net carbon zero goals over coming decade. OCP Sustainability Project is working to enable progress towards industry goals by addressing unique challenges and opportunities presented within Open Compute Project ecosystem. The Sustainability project led the introduction of Sustainability as the 5th tenet into OCP. Leveraging the expertise of the OCP community, we offer an open framework and resources for OCP members and data center industry – vendors, suppliers, and end users – to deploy industry best practices that promotes reusability and circularity.  


  1. Identify key steps in system and component design that require reimagination to promote reusability and circularity
  2. Deliver roadmap to increase standardization of calculation, measurement, and disclosure of metrics across the IT product and data center life cycle
  3. Publish (how-to) guidelines to offer frameworks for a supply-side resource consumption and implications on our common value chain 
  4. Develop OCP-certified design and sourcing practices and creating circular operating modes 


Carbon Modeling Workstream

Mission: This workstream focuses on embodied carbon, which is the CO2e emitted by the manufacture of the physical entities within a data center.  Embodied carbon cannot be directly measured, rather it is modeled, and thus this workstream is named OCP Sustainability Carbon Modeling.

This workstream was created to address the following challenges:

  • Data Access: How to obtain best estimates of embodied CO2e values from the supply chain and researchers.
  • Data Opacity: How to understand the various methods that were utilized to estimate embodied CO2e at all steps along the supply chain.
  • Data Grade: How to summarize the quality and completeness of the embodied CO2e estimates.

Yes! Circle b has and experience center in Amsterdam!

The Circle B Experience Center: what does the end-user experience?

Digital transformation begins and ends with the end-user experience. How do you usually take the first step from a wish or problem and strategy to daily operations, from your enterprise to your employees and customers? Our Experience Center allows you to experience what an infrastructure change or update will mean for your enterprise, infrastructure, and it-employees. Prototyping, testing, and simulations helps you rapidly gain insight into the next step in your transformation process for a new or updated infrastructure.

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