Exciting Updates: OCP EMEA Regional Summit 2024 Keynote Preview & Event Details!

Exciting Updates: OCP EMEA Regional Summit 2024 Keynote Preview & Event Details!

Check out the latest update! Circle B is proud to sponsor this event with some fantastic sustainable tote bags and will have a booth (A22) during the event plus we will present an executive talk on stage about our latest OCP migrations and deployments.

If you want to be up to speed read the Keynote preview for the OCP Regional Summit that has just been released!

Mark your calendars for the 2024 Open Compute Project (#OCP) EMEA Regional Summit happening in Lisbon, Portugal from April 24th to 25th. This gathering brings together technical and business leaders from the EMEA region to tackle crucial issues surrounding #datacenter sustainability, energy efficiency, and #heatreuse.

The program is packed with compelling topics, and I’m particularly thrilled about a couple of keynote presentations, which, unfortunately, I’ll have to view remotely. One notable topic is about advancing AI sustainability, led by Anurag Handa. Another intriguing discussion, led by Hassan Moezzi from Cadence, delves into stranded capacity in data centers.

Furthermore, there will be a panel discussion on EU Directives, facilitated by Mark Acton, along with a keynote presentation on the exciting #EUPILOT project.

Hear from Hyperscale DC Operators, European DC Industry and Global Technology leaders:

  1. George Tchaparian, CEO of OCP, will discuss how the AI buildout is driving demand for more compute power and the innovations necessary for a scalable, sustainable computational infrastructure. He will share the latest updates from the Open Compute Project Foundation and Community.
  1. Cliff Grossner, Ph.D., Chief Innovation Officer from the OCP Foundation will provide an innovation update, highlighting the foundation’s efforts to expand its community and shape the future through startup members, alliance partners, and Future Technologies Initiative (FTI) workstreams.
  1. Gregory Lebourg, Global Environmental Director from OVHcloud will share insights on their path in the data center, discussing innovations in areas such as component lifespan extension, water cooling, immersion cooling, and the use of brownfield sites for data center development.
  1. Eddie Ramirez, VP of Go To Market, Infrastructure at Arm, will discuss how innovation through open collaboration will define the future of the data center and computing around the world. He will emphasize the need for data centers to undergo a radical transformation to scale sustainably and follows up on the launch of an exciting program announced at The OCP Global Summit in 2023 that aims to increase EMEA supply chain sovereignty.
  1. Anurag Handa, Vice President, General Manager of Hyperscale and Strategic Customers, from Intel will share insights on new ways to help architects and developers make AI more sustainable and scalable as well as unveiling resources for the open community to build with. He will discuss the relentless pursuit of transformative solutions required to address the demanding needs of the computing industry
  1. The EMEA Start-Up Panel, moderated by OCP’s Lesya Dymyd, will feature Paul Benoi (Qarnot Computing), Rob Lawson (Molg), Maxime Mallet (Jolt Capital), and Simon Allen (Cato Digital). They will discuss the role of EMEA centric entrepreneurship, startups, and venture capital with the opportunities of the OCP Ecosystem, covering data center innovation, growth opportunities, and industry challenges.
  1. Daniel Pope, Founder and CTO from Submer and Carlos Puchol from the Barcelona Supercomputing Centre will present the EUPILOT project, which aims to build an end-to-end demonstrator of accelerators for a pre-exascale HPC system using European and open-source technologies and standards, revealing an exciting pathway to extend opportunities to build EMEA Supply chain sovereignty.
  1. Hassan Moezzi from Cadence will reveal an important challenge to address, the surprisingly costly issue of stranded capacity in data centers and how typically over 30% of DC capacity is wasted, at a time when the industry cannot afford this level of inefficiency. He will explain how digital twin technology for data center lifecycle management can help and make a large positive impact for the industry as AI clusters are deployed.
  1. The EU Directives Panel, moderated by Mark Acton, will feature Miranda Gardiner (iMasons Climate Accord), Richard Kenney (Interact DC), Loren Long (3TAG), and Gregory Lebourg (OVH). They will delve into the emerging EU sustainability directives covering complexities with carbon measurement and disclosure, and heat reuse mandates, their global ripple effects, and how OCP’s specification and standardization efforts can help ease these compliance burdens.
  1. Bryan Kelly, Principal Firmware Engineering Manager from Microsoft will discuss the company’s contributions to the Open Compute Project and its collaboration with the industry and open-source community. He will focus on the next era of Confidential Computing, introducing both alarming challenges and new ideas around Post Quantum Cryptography (PQC). Open innovations The EMEA OCP Community will be able to leverage as a foundation for building solutions and shaping the trusted cloud.
  1. Ola Torudbakken Director of Infrastructure from Meta will present progress in their transformational journey and unveil to the audience a comprehensive vision for building open AI systems for scale, incorporating standardized chassis and rack architectures, cooling solutions, validation, testing methodologies, and unified fabric.

For more details, check out the OCP blo gpost: https://www.opencompute.org/blog/innovations-from-ocp-community-meet-european-leadership-at-ocp-regional-summit-in-lisbon

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