New developments: OCP vs. Traditional System


We have exciting news from a cutting edge programmatic AdTech company, that could revolutionize your business. They’ve recently given their insights into the transformative potential of Open Compute Project (OCP) systems in their latest article. 
Here’s why it matters for your business: 

  • Cost Efficiency: OCP systems can reduce power consumption by up to 35%, resulting in significant savings. 
  • Enhanced Performance: Lower operating temperatures ensure better performance and longer hardware life. 
  • Simplified Maintenance: Modular designs make upkeep easier and more cost-effective. 


Need to know more?

The article is a fascinating read that you won’t want to miss if you’re interested in OCP. For a deeper dive into these findings.

For more insights, dive into the full article here. Also, explore additional valuable resources like the Traditional vs. OCP Capital Cost Calculator from Schneider Electric. 

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