24-25 April, 2024

2024 OCP Regional Summit

2024 OCP Regional Summit 24-25, April -- Lisbon, Portugal


Congress Centre
Lisbon, Portugal

Join us at the 2024 OCP Regional Summit in Lisbon, Portugal.

Together with our partners, Circle B will sponsor the OCP Regional Summit in 2024.

In Europe, the increasing demand for data center capacity poses significant challenges due to the continuous growth in data volume and the inclusion of high-performance computing workloads, such as generative AI applications. This surge in demand has repercussions on energy consumption, water usage and the need for better construction materials. Addressing these challenges requires a systemic change to ensure sustainability and efficiency.

The OCP Regional Summit in Europe serves as a platform where technical and business leaders from EMEA come together to tackle crucial issues related to data center sustainability, energy efficiency, and heat reuse. The focus is on exploring how innovations from hyperscale data center operators can contribute to solving these challenges. The Summit also highlights deployments of specific OCP-recognized data center equipment in the EMEA region.

The key areas of emphasis for 2024 include Data Center Sustainability, AI, Security & Data Protection, Power & Cooling, and Deployments. Additionally, invited talks will delve into topics such as quantum technology, optics and telecommunications. Participants will gain insights into how innovations within the OCP Community are pivotal in developing and implementing a sustainable and scalable computational infrastructure for the future.

Looking forward to a successful event!

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