Dutch OCP Experience Center being replicated internationally 

Later this month, the first OCP Experience Center will mark its first 6 months of operation. Its founders, Rittal, Circle B and Switch Datacenters, can be satisfied when reflecting on the past period. 

They continue with the expansion of the setup and with receiving interested parties. In addition, the idea is now being replicated internationally. 


Founding the OCP Experience Center was a direct result of the market demands that the founders received. Potential users and suppliers had a genuine need for more than demonstrations of separate components. They wanted a live environment that could easily be visited, one that could be discussed with all stakeholders. 

Official opening 

The official opening of the OCP Experience Center in September 2018 coincided with the first Regional OCP Summit in Amsterdam. During the summit, many visitors took the opportunity to take the shuttle to the data centre where the OCP Experience Center is located. 

There, they witnessed how the different components and technologies which were presented and discussed during the summit, functioned in a live environment as an integrated whole. There is still great appreciation for the chosen setup. One part is set up according to the specifications of telecom operators. The other part responds optimally to the requirements of data centre operators. 

International copy 

The success of the OCP Experience Center is significant. Therefore, Rittal Germany has decided to take the concept to the USA. For its design and construction, the German and American Rittal locations worked closely with their Dutch colleagues and local specialists. The official opening of the first American OCP Experience Center in the Cyxtera data centre will take place during the upcoming Global OCP Summit, which is scheduled for 14 and 15 March in San Jose 

Activities of Circle B in the Netherlands 

Circle B is aware that not everyone seriously interested in OCP will travel to the Global OCP Summit in San Jose. That is why it offers two options to expand knowledge about OCP in the Netherlands. Firstly, it is still possible to visit the European Experience Center in Amsterdam and to exchange ideas further with Rittal, Circle B or Switch Data centers experts.


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