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Power grid under strain due to escalating demands – Use OCP hardware

Powering the Future: Circle B champions sustainable IT solutions amidst energy challenges In a recent development, Circle B, a leading technology innovator, is spearheading efforts to address the pressing challenges faced by the energy sector in the Netherlands. With the power grid under strain due to escalating demands, Circle B is taking proactive measures to champion sustainable IT solutions. The company is aligning its strategies with the Open Compute Project (OCP) to revolutionize IT infrastructure while mitigating the impact on the national power grid. The Growing Energy Dilemma: A Nationwide

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Your Trusted Partner for OCP Solutions in Emerging Markets

As Africa’s IT and telecom sectors continue their transformative evolution, Circle B remains steadfastly poised to ensure that regional companies possess the tools and support needed to flourish in this dynamic and promising landscape. With Circle B as your ally, the horizon of the industry is poised to achieve unprecedented brilliance.

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Seamless Synergy: Common brands for Traditional and OCP

In the ever-evolving realm of data centre management, the choices made regarding hardware vendors can have far-reaching implications. As businesses increasingly consider the transition from traditional server infrastructure to innovative Open Compute Project (OCP) standards, a pressing question arises: Must we bid farewell to our trusted hardware vendors? The answer, as we delve deeper into this exploration, is a resounding “No.”   Common hardware vendors When it comes to the world of hardware, a select few industry giants have cemented their presence in both the traditional server and OCP infrastructure

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Crafting ideal OCP based IT Infrastructure for AI and Research companies

Hey there, tech explorers of the AI and research frontiers! 🚀 In the whirlwind world of boundless data and innovations that seem to spring out of thin air, one challenge stands tall: designing the ultimate IT infrastructure. Enter the stage, the Open Compute Project (OCP) from Open Compute Project Foundation, a true game-changer shaking up the very foundations of AI and research enterprise setups. Join us for a journey into the tech-savvy realms of OCP as we spill the beans on how Circle B, a dynamic player in the Taurus

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Join us at the OCP Summit in San Jose in October

San Jose USA | Oct 17-19, 2023 We are thrilled to announce our participation in the upcoming OCP Global Summit 2023 – a pinnacle event dedicated to “Scaling Innovation Through Collaboration.” At Circle B, we believe in the power of collaboration and cutting-edge technology to transform businesses, and this summit perfectly aligns with our vision. Event Details: 📅 Date: October (Specific Dates to be Announced) 📍 Location: San Jose, California The OCP Summit serves as the premier platform for the brightest minds in the open IT Ecosystem development to come

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Innovative OCP Project: Building a Sustainable Future in Singapore

Title: Circle B’s Innovative OCP Project: Building a Sustainable Future in Singapore Introduction At Circle B, innovation and sustainability are at the core of our values. We are excited to introduce our latest project, which marks another significant step towards a more open, integrated, and sustainable future. In collaboration with our trusted partners, we are embarking on a groundbreaking journey to design and deploy a state-of-the-art Open Compute Project (OCP) infrastructure in the vibrant city of Singapore. This project reflects our unwavering commitment to providing top-tier consultation, design, building, and

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