Circle B and Digital Realty Partner to Deliver Sustainable and Innovative IT Infrastructures

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The partnership will enable Circle B to meet the growing international customer demands for innovative and sustainable IT infrastructure solutions. Digital Realty is committed to environmental, social, and governance initiatives. It actively manages its environmental impact through innovation to optimize energy and natural resources, creating green, climate-friendly, and energy-efficient data centers. Therefore, it is a perfect location to host Circle B IT infrastructures.


“This new cooperation with Digital Realty, known for its commitment to climate-friendly, and energy-efficient data centers, will allow us to provide cutting-edge technology and unparalleled expertise in the fast-changing technology world. We look forward to working with Digital Realty to drive sustainable IT infrastructure solutions for the future,” said Peter Ludzenieks, Director of Circle B in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

 As sustainability grows in importance for most enterprises and all of us, Circle B continues to work behind the scenes on new innovative solutions and a strong pipeline of cutting-edge IT infrastructures that keeps its partners one step ahead of their competition. The first deployment of Circle B, which has been deployed at the data center of Digital Realty in Amsterdam, will also be facilitated as a research hub to develop best-in-class technology solutions. Later this will be expanded with a new OCP (Open Compute Project) Experience Center.


“This partnership is another great example of enriching our global platform continuously with new functionality. We’re looking forward to an excellent partnership with Circle B and facilitating their rapid growth,” said Enrico de Boer, Director of Sales & Marketing of Digital Realty in Amsterdam.

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Circle B is a leading provider of innovative and sustainable IT infrastructure solutions. Our team of experts specializes in unravelling IT complexity and delivering flexible sustainable solutions that give businesses a competitive edge. By combining human ingenuity and technology innovation, we provide optimized performance, build trust, and save costs. Our mission is to give customers the most sustainable and innovative IT infrastructure possible. We offer a wide range of services, including consultation, design, build, and support for network, compute, and storage infrastructures.








At Circle B we believe in the importance of a personal touch. We make it a priority to stay in close contact with our customers and continually develop our current experts and future talents to ensure that we deliver the best quality service. Circle B – Your trusted partner.








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