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Scale: the ability to expand your operation without limitations 

Circle B offers Open Compute Project solutions, similar to those of hyper-scale organizations such as Facebook, Rackspace and Microsoft. We use scale-out racks of commodity components to provide agile and modular architectures that are superior to conventional infrastructures in terms of operational efficiency, density and energy consumption.

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Transition: Your first steps to change something fundamentally

More companies are being inspired to think differently about how they build out their IT infrastructure. At Circle B we assist companies to take a fresh look towards their infrastructure, with solutions that are inspired by open source hardware designs and software that enables the datacenter of tomorrow.

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Hyper-scale environments are the breeding grounds for new technologies, business models and ideas. The business case around hyper-scale and in particular the Open Compute Project is migrating down to cloud providers and enterprises alike. Circle B is making this open strategy and innovative technology available to companies in order to give them a competitive edge through exciting new infrastructure. 


By closely aligning our resources with partners leading this open and disruptive technology trend, Circle B is able to offer value through a holistic service and solutions offering based on community driven hard and software.


We deliver best-in-market storage, compute and network solutions for data centers of tomorrow. We strive to provide an excellent service combined with solutions that are interoperable, scalable, easy to manage and maintain and have minimal environmental impact.

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